Recreation and Culture Open House Engagement Sessions

About the project

The Town of Carlyle has a lot to offer. We have a growing population and a diverse economy, anchored in energy, agriculture, tourism, and a thriving small business community. We are focused on ensuring our economy and quality of life remain strong. Over last two decades, the Town has made great strides in improving community infrastructure, such as roads, water, and wastewater. We have a new Official Community Plan and the province is building a new Pre K-12 school.

Last summer, the Town engaged Colliers Project Leaders to undertake a feasibility study of all our community recreation and cultural facilities:

·          Carlyle Curling Club

·          Carlyle Golf Club

·          Carlyle Memorial Hall

·          Carlyle Public Library

·          Rusty Relics Museum

·          Carlyle Sports Arena

·          Carlyle Swimming Pool


These community assets are at various stages of their lifecycle. The study explored the capital needs for each facility, opportunities and gaps, construction costs, and engaged with council around a series of recommendations.

One of these recommendations identified the need for further and broader consultation with key stakeholders and the public to gain feedback and understand community priorities related to the existing recreational and cultural facilities. Additionally, we are exploring the opportunity to develop a new Multi-Use Community Centre. Carlyle is currently in the process of engaging with residents from Carlyle and surrounding communities. We want to understand what the community’s priorities are in relation to recreation and culture, and where investments should be considered.


How you can participate

Help us build a vision for the future in culture and recreation. Stop by one of the community open houses to tell us about how Carlyle’s recreation and cultural facilities are meeting your needs, as well as the needs of the community. All residents of Carlyle, SK and surrounding communities are welcome to attend.


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