Carlyle Spray Park





The Town of Carlyle was one of many communities fortunate enough to receive funding through the Saskatchewan Government’s Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP); we received $147,242 towards purchasing and installing a new spray park for our community!!

Council has awarded the contract for the Spray Park to 1 Stop Playgrounds Ltd. for the quoted price of $154,503.00 plus taxes. The product has been ordered and we are hopeful to have the park operating in Summer 2021! The location chosen for the Spray Park is Centennial Park.

 Here are some drawings of the design from the vendor:

  Spray Park - Aerial View

Spray Park - Side View

Spray Park - Side View 2


Timeline of Spray Park
Jan 29/20  Agenda Item #13.2 - Council received proposal from J. Shirley re: spray Park January 29, 2020 Regular Meeting 
  Council responded stating that we the committee should look at recreation & beautification as a whole - tried to bring back the Green & Clean Committee, scheduled a meeting for March 23 with members of the community- meeting was cancelled due to Covid restrictions

Jun 3/20 Agenda Item #12.4 - Received notification from Provincial government of MEEP funding, all members were to bring back ideas for projects June 3, 2020 Regular Meeting
Jun-20 Online petition started by J. Shirley - received 163 signatures of support
July 8/20 Agenda Item #12.2 - Approved project submissions from Sports Arena, Pool & Spray Park and submitted application  July 8, 2020 Regular Meeting 
Aug 17/20 Agenda Item #13.7 - Received approval for all 3 projects - included in Sept 2/20 meeting August 17, 2020 Regular Meeting 
Sept 16/20 Looked at the Elementary School Playground as a possible location for Spray Park, CAO met with Division facilities Manager, it was suggested that we write a proposal to the board
Sept 22/20
Rep from 1 Stop Playgrounds  came to Carlyle and looked at all the potential locations identified by Council
  - spreadsheet prepared with pros & cons list
Oct 7/20 Agenda Item #12.2 - Locations were reviewed at meeting - location was selected as Centennial Park October 7, 2020 Regular Meeting
  Proposals were received from three vendors
Dec 2/20 Agenda Item #12.1 - Proposals were reviewed and contract awarded to 1 Stop Playgrounds Ltd. December 2, 2020 Regular Meeting 
Jan 4/21 Recreation sub-committee met to make colour selections for water park features
Jan 6/21 Agenda Item #9.1.1 - Water park feature colours were approved, 50% deposit approved and contract signed January 6, 2021 Regular Meeting 
Jan. 7/21
Submitted signed contract and deposit
Order time frame 8 weeks for delivery
Feb. 3/21  Agenda Item #13.2 - Rescind motion of October 7/20, designating location of Spray Park to re-look at location options  February 3, Regular Meeting 
Mar. 3/21  Agenda Item #12.1 - Motion passed to designate Centennial Park as the location for the Spray Park.  

 Q&A with 1 Stop Playgrounds:

· What extra costs will the town incur? The cost of bringing in a 2” waterline and a 4” sewer line within 5 meters of the pad, additional landscaping as needed

 · How much power is used to operate the system? Almost none. The controller and solenoids are the only items that draw power.  I don’t have specs on power usage, but it’s way less than a desktop computer.

 · What is the rate the water flows through the features? The Absolute max is 360L per min.  But it would never reach that.  The program in the controller can be set so that 1 or all or some of the features run at the same time. Water usage is adjustable.

 · What does the annual maintenance consist of? Day to day Maintenance consists of making sure there is no broken glass or debris on the pad and that the water is flowing and draining correctly.  Annual maintenance would be winterization and spring start up.  Winterization requires 1 person for approximately 4 hours as well as an air compressor to blow out the system, much like an irrigation system.   Spring start up is turning on the water and removing the winter plugs and installing the spray nozzles.  I will go over this procedure with your operator after the spray park is operational.

 · What is the typical life span of the features? The features are mostly powder coated stainless steel.  They should last 20-30 years at which time they could be repainted (if needed) or replaced by unbolting them from the playphase base and installing a new one. There are also some wear parts in the features with moving parts.  These are mainly seals and o-rings, cost $10.00-$50.00.   Other items that may need replacement are: Activator button (lifespan is 3-10years, cost $300.00) and solenoid valves (3-10 years, cost $50.00). We’ve seen the occasional lightning strike that has fried the controller.  Our controller is about $600.00 and would take a local electrician about 1 hour to install.   what type of replacement schedule?  We’ve done some feature replacements on spray parks built in the 1980’s. These replacements required cutting the concrete and removing the posts as they are cemented in the ground.  Our playphase base eliminates this construction cost as the feature just unbolts from the base. 

 ·Can you name any other towns that have installed a spray park and do not have a bathroom/change room facility? We would like to add this later as funds are available/fund raised… Wakaw Cumberland House, Almost all parks in Yorkton, many in Saskatoon, some in Prince albert.    80% of spray parks we’ve installed didn’t put a washroom in right away.  Some have used a portapotty for a couple years before installing a washroom. 


If you have any further questions about the project, please reach out to myself, Natalie Miller at 306-453-2363.