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Strategic Plan

Town of Carlyle Strategic Plan

Town Council participated in a closed strategic planning session on March 4, 2021 led by HMC Management Inc., during this session Council created a vision and mission statement and established priorities for their four-year term.  The Strategic Plan Report and the Operations Plan Report were reviewed and adopted by council at their April 7, 2021 Regular Meeting. 


Town of Carlyle Vision 2025

"Carlyle is an inclusive and welcoming community which provides a dynamic and sustainable living environment for families and businesses to thrive.”

 "As leaders, the purpose of the Council of the Town of Carlyle is to create and manage sustainable programs and services for the betterment of our community.”


Town of Carlyle Values

 Financial Accountability


  • We are dedicated to being a good steward of public funds and resources and will strive to attain value for public funds and, where reasonable, will provide services on a user pay basis.



  Healthy Lifestyles/Quality of Life

  • In supporting and promoting the importance of healthy living, we are dedicated to providing healthy recreational and cultural opportunities for the residents and visitors.

  Safe Community/Safe Operations

  • We are dedicated to a safe community that provides an environment where people feel safe, secure, and 'at home’ and will strive for zero harm for our employees through appropriate training and risk management.

   Sustainable Growth and Innovation

  • Guided by planning and policies, we will create economic opportunities to attract people and businesses to develop and grow in a healthy manner and embrace best practices and innovative approaches to continuously improve all of our systems and process.

  Transparency, accountability and integrity

  • Council operates in an open, accountable and transparent manner consistent with legislation, and respectful of the privacy of individuals and acts and communicates in an honest, caring and fair manner.

   Access the following links to read the full report:

2021 Strategic Plan Report
2021 Operational Plan Report