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Program Offerings

First Responders Program

Community residents are trained to stabilize patient until the Ambulance arrives.

Basic Trauma Life Support Course

Trauma is the leading cause of death for children and adults under the age of 40, you will learn how to take an organized approach to definitive care at the trauma scene and en-route to a trauma facility.
You will develop the skills you need to recognize mechanisms of injury, assess, perform critical interventions, package, and transport the trauma patient. The primary purpose of the workshop is to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and experience necessary to get the trauma patient to the emergency department in the best possible condition.
You will focus on identifying conditions that require immediate transport (load and go conditions) in order to save the patient.

Farm Response Program

This program provides farm families with emergency pre-planning, such as how to access EMS and how to create an action plan in the event of a fire. The program covers general safety tips on handling machinery, safety around farm animals and chemicals, and basic first aid. This class usually takes four hours.
Contact the Weyburn EMS office for further details on this program.

Farm Medic Course

This course teaches first responders how to stabilize a farm accident scene and help with the extrication of the patient. This includes machinery entanglements, power take off accidents, rollovers and how to handle dangerous goods situations. This program can give rural communities a feeling of security knowing that local, knowledgeable people are there to help.
Contact the Weyburn EMS office for further details on this program.

Lifeline Program

  • Lifeline is an emergency accessing system, activated by the simple push of a button. It can provide that needed peace of mind to yourself or a loved one to know help is on the way.
  • Who can best utilize this system? Well almost anybody but usually it is used by those who live alone and have a long term medical condition that may leave them largely incapacitated without much warning. Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The system can have somebody whether a friend, relative, or even the ambulance, if necessary, respond in time of need. This may occur if a person has simply slipped and needs help up or any other of many possibilities. It is an assurance to the user of never really being alone.
  • How does it work? When a person is in need, they will push a button that they are given to wear. This will alert the lifeline dispatcher at the Weyburn General Hospital or St. Josephs’ Hospital, who will then try to speak to the client thru the machine installed into the phone line at the clients’ house. Failing a response the dispatcher will call one of the clients’ responders and ask them to go over and check on the client.
  • What is the cost for this service? Currently the charge is $30/month and $25 installation fee. Lifeline has been providing assurance to people for 17 years.
First Responders Program Ph: (306) 842-0223

Lifeline Program

Lifeline,Weyburn Ph: (306) 842-0223.
Lifeline, Estevan Ph:(306)637-2404

Farm Response Program

Estevan Mental Health for Estevan and area:
Ph: (306) 637-3610

CPR Course Ph: (306) 842-0223